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Emergency:  Dial 911

Senior Outreach Unit

     The Senior Outreach Unit (SOU) is dedicated to addressing the issuesand needs of the senior citizen communinty of Randolph.  Created under the administration of Chief William Pace, the goals of the SOU are to provide police services tailored specifically to senior citizens, to work to improve the quality of life of seniors residing in Randolph, to be a link for seniors to other agencies within the government which provide services to seniors and to network with these agencies to ensure that seniors are receiving the highest quality services available in the most efficient manner possible. 

Some of the services provided by the SOU are:

 - Investigation into allegations of abuses of seniors, including physical, financial and emotional abuse as well as neglect

 - Providing educational classes to seniors and senior caretakers in areas of crime prevention, public safety and other available services

 - Active participation in the LoJack SafetyNet Program, which provides tracking bracelets for seniors who suffer from conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease or dementia (or any citizen with high risk conditions which can lead to the patient 'wandering' into dangerous circumstances)

 - Creation of the TAGS Program (Tracking All Grandparents and Special needs) which provides ID bracelets for seniors in case of a medical emergency or other situation

 - Network with other agencies such as South Shore Elder Services, Norfolk County Sheriff's Office, Randolph Fire Department, Council on Aging and others who provide services to the senior community

 - Provide more personalized and specialized police services to seniors regarding issues which they may be facing to help ensure them a better quality of life

     The SOU is staffed by Sergeant Richard T Hughes, Sergeant Melissa McCormick and Officer Kristen Emberley.

     If you or someone you know is a senior, or a caretake for a senior, and you think they could benefit from our services, please contact any of the above officers at the Randolph Police SOU at (781) 963-1212.  If no one is available from the SOU, ask to be transferred to Extension 214.